Pet owners can’t always take their beloved pets with them when they go away. The two main solutions to this problem are pet sitting and boarding. Each option has its pros and cons.

Personalized Attention

Charlotte pet sitting services will give your animal personalized attention, taking dogs for walks and playing with them at each visit. In a boarding situation, this type of personalized attention often costs extra, leaving some pets feeling a bit lonely, stressed and neglected. Of course, this depends on the boarding facility, as some of the newer ones are more like pet spas (and are priced accordingly).


Pet Routines

If it’s important that your pet be kept on a strict routine, such as a puppy that’s just being trained or an older dog that needs medication at set times, or even if you just want your pet’s routine followed to make the pet more comfortable while you’re away, pet sitting may be the better alternative. The pet sitter can usually stick to the routine you ask for, while in a boarding situation the pet usually has to stick to the routine of the kennel, whether or not it coincides well with what the pet is used to.

Cost Considerations

The cost really can vary quite a bit for either of these options. For example, many pet sitters charge per visit, so it can get expensive if you need the sitter to visit your pet a lot during the day. Boarding fees are usually daily, but many services cost extra. The fancier boarding facilities can get a bit pricey due to all of the amenities that are included, but your pet is likely to enjoy the pampering and not get too stressed out.


With boarding, there’s someone available to see to your pet at all hours, while most pet sitters only make visits to the home at specified times. However, there are some live-in pet sitters available to solve this problem. At a kennel, there’s a chance your pet will be exposed to contagious medical conditions, which isn’t likely while he’s at home.

Other Considerations

A pet sitter can also keep the home looking lived in by watering the plants, bringing in the mail, and turning lights on and off so burglars are less likely to target the home.

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